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How to connect

  1. First, you need Download World Of Warcraft (3.3.5a). [Download Game (Mega)] [Download Torrent]
  2. Open the game folder.
  3. Go to wow3.3.5a/Data/enUS or wow3.3.5a/Data/enGB folder.
  4. Open with Text Editor like Notepad & replace all data to set realmlist or set realmlist
  5. Delete Cache folder if exists in the game directory.
  6. Download Patch file & Copy to the Data directory. (Remove Patch-7 & Patch-9 if Exists)
  7. Create an account in the website, open game & login.
  8. If you want add Legion Models to your game Download this files and extract, then copy all of them to your game Data folder. ( not compulsory )

Required files in Data folder :

If patch-4 doesn't work for you to make a copy of patch-4.mpq as patch-9.MPQ like this picture. It should be work.