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How to connect

  1. Download our launcher and copy the launcher inside your game folder.
  2. Run the launcher and wait to download all patches.
  3. Start the game.

Launcher can download full game version if you needed.


Manual (Launcher is better way)

  1. First, you need Download World Of Warcraft (3.3.5a). [Download Game (Mega)] [Download Torrent]
  2. Open the game folder.
  3. Go to wow3.3.5a/Data/enUS or wow3.3.5a/Data/enGB folder.
  4. Open with Text Editor like Notepad & replace all data to set realmlist
  5. Delete Cache folder if exists in the game directory.
  6. Download Patch files & Copy to the Data directory. (Remove other server patches)
  7. Create an account in the website, open game & login.
  8. If you want add Legion Models to your game Download this files and extract, then copy all of them to your game Data folder. ( not compulsory )

Required files in Data folder :

If patch-4 doesn't work for you to make a copy of patch-4.mpq as patch-9.MPQ like this picture. It should be work.