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Price Product
15€ VIP Account Rank 1
15€ Upgrade VIP 1 to VIP 2
30€ VIP Account Rank 2 (INCLUDE VIP 1 features)
15€ x150 Donor Gem's on the Fun realm or x150 on Normal Realm

Fun Realm only (It's 30€)


You can upgrade bag to this (In-Game) :

Payment Methods :

Best way to pay for us is YekPay.
If you want to pay 15€, use this link.
If you want to pay more than 15€, use this link.

If you want to use the Paypal, for your Paypal payments, Use this link

After payment, You must contact us.
You can use email ( or discord (MasterkinG32#7206).
Send a message or email to us, Message must include your game account + screenshot of your payment + What did you pay for? (VIP 1 or 2, Donor Gem, Donor Bag or etc).


YekPay üzerinden Türk Lirası olarak ödeme yapabilirsiniz.

VIP 1 = 40 Türk Lirası

Donor Gem x 150 = 40 Türk Lirası

VIP 2 = 70 Türk Lirası

Donor Bag x 1 = 70 Türk Lirası

Bu bağlantı ile ödeme yapabilirsiniz, EUR'yu TYR olarak değiştirmeniz yeterlidir.

We will check your payment then you can get your VIP or Donor gems. (We will send an email to you when your request is done)

To get Donor Gems, In-game open Teleporter Stone -> VIP-Vote Panel -> Get Donor Gem's Bought

Thank you for donate & support us.

Amin Mahmoud