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MasterWoW Blizzlike Realm release time

After 1.5 year uptime for MasterWoW Fun Server, We want to run our Blizzlike server, It will start at 11/22/2018 03:00 PM (Iran/Tehran +3:30, Realm Time)

We are waiting for you on our new server,

First Realm Level 80 character for every faction gets 20 Donor Gem.

First 3 Guilds have more than 20 player level 80, We will convert guild master account to VIP account.


Some of the features in the Normal Realm :

You can use Teleporter Stone for teleport to another location and access to some features like Player tools.


When you click on Player Tools you see a page like this :

With a click on the Mount, you cast a mount spell.

Class Trainer, Auction House, Transmogifier, VIP-Vote Shop Summon NPC near you.

If you have vote point you can use VIP-VotePoint Panel, With 5 vote point, you can get Starter Kit for start.

Have fun & enjoy our server.